7 Best Android Smartphones to Purchase

For the smartphone users, there are various kinds of Best Android Smartphones to Purchase options which are available for them and they desire to get the best smartphone for using as such. There are various smartphones like the iPhones, Windows phone, Android smartphones, BlackBerry smartphones and many others to consider as per your desire and the interest. There are various kinds of smartphones in the Android segment and you will just love these Android smartphones.

7 Best Android Smartphones to Purchase:

In today’s date, people just like to have the best in class smartphone, be it, any kind of smartphone segment to consider for. Here in this post, you will know about the best ever Android smartphone to purchase:

#1 Galaxy S8/S8+:

This is one of the best Android phone to buy and you cna check out for the same through online buying or the offline buying too. As soon as there was the launch of Galaxy Note 7, Samsung later on re-emerged itself as the Android hardware best ever smartphone brand itself. The Samssung Galaxy S8 and the S8+ appears to be very stylish in looks and provides the best features like the Infinity Edge wider screen display in looks. The camera quality in this phone is also very amazing to consider. These phones ahve the best in class performance to be seen, by the smartphone lovers. For the people who desire ot have the top-flight phone, then this is the bst to consider for sure. You will also see the Bixby voice assistant in this particular phone.

#2 LG G6 smartphone:

This is also the best Android phone ot purchase for the Android users. This brand has the the best feature to provide for the Android users. This is the best ever sleek handset to watch out for and this just looks classy and attractive smartphone. The display screen is around 5.7 inches phablet to watch out for. You will also see the inclusion of the attractive features like the dual camera located in it and the best software built up. Even the fingerprint scanner quality is enthralling to consider about.

#3 HTC U11:

For the Android smartphone buyers, this HTC U11 is also the best to consider for sure. This gives the amazing audio performance for the people who love using the smartphone. This company HTC has also just achieved the best ever performance with the coming of U11. In this phone, you will just find the Boom Sound quality oriented speakers and these are meant for providing the best sound quality for the HTC users out there. The display of the screen is also the 5.5 inches display to watch out for. Apart from these features, there is also the Ultra Pixel camera which will give the best in class image quality when you click the photos with this particular phone itself. This phone is laos the IP67 water resistance and this is the major advantage why this phone attracts the Android lovers.

#4 OnePlus 5 smartphone:

This is also the best to know about Android smartphone and it gives you the best in class features too. The pricing is not the major issue as this is the budget priced Android smartphone for the Android users. This phone has the features like the Snapdragon 835 and HTC U11 also just costs the $200 less than these phones too. OnePlus 5 also just even one-ups in the S8 also and this also looks the ravishing smartphone to consider by you. You will just be quite impressed with the quality of this phone and also the battery life for sure. The battery lasts for around more than 13 hours to consider about.

#5 Google Pixel/Google Pixel XL smartphone:

Google’s first smartphone are also the best to consider for sure, by the Android segment smartphone buyers. These 2 phone, Pixel and the Pixel XL ahve got the class apart camera quality to consider about and also includes the best storage capacity also, directly in the Google photos itself. You will be able to save the photos and the videos in the Googl Pixel and Pixel XL, with ease. There is also the best features like the gestures on the fingerprint reader also. The designing of this phone is also the best one, when it is being compared with the new kind of models havign the edge-to-edge screens consideration.

#6 Moto G5 Plus smartphone:

Also the best ever smartphone is the classy and attractive Moto G5 Plus smartphone, for the Android smnartphone buyers. This is also the budget-priced smartphone to know about. This phone also provides the amazing features for the smartphone users. You will also find the best performance of this this particular phone. This phone is also very light in weight to consider. There is also the fingerprint scanner located in this phone and you will surely love this too, alsong withthe metal design. The screen is also the best to consider and it is around 5.2 inches. Well, this Moto G5 plus is the best ever smartphone for the Android buyers.

#7 ZTE Axon 7 smartphone:

It is also the best ever smartphone to consider, by the Android smartphone users and this just looks appealing and attractive smartphone also. It is also the budget-priced smartphone and this also have the best features to consider about. The major part to consider is the luxe and lavish best in class features of this smartphone for the buyers. The display screen is the 5.5 inches display and it also has the quad HD screen with the stereo speakers that gives the perfect sound quality. Yet another feature to notice is the 20 MP camera whih provides the best and quality apart photo quality to consider about.

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The Final Words:

So, the best in class Andoid phones which ae listed above are being loved by the Android smartphone users for sure. These phones will not cost you a king’s ransom and provides the best features to be considered while buying the smartphone. You will be able to get these amazing smartphones online or also offline purchase.

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