Top 10 Best QWERTY Keypad Mobile Phones in India 2024

This is the era of the touchscreen smartphones which people make use of and these are available in different kind of brands also.

Then, Why Keypad Mobile Phones?

There are many people who make use of the mobile phones which are the keypad mobile phones, and it is the QWERTY Keypad.

These kinds of Keypad mobile phones also appear to be just very classy to be considered by the mobile phone users.

Well, it can also be said that the Keypad mobile phones are also easy for users and also have the fast and much consistent text inputs to know about, as compared to the virtual keypads.

If the touchscreen phones are just the norm, then the people who prefer to use the same on a cell phone might also want for exploring the top keypad phone to consider about and there is also many of the keypad mobile phones to know about by tech keypad mobile phone lovers.

Top 10 Best Keypad Mobile Phones

Searching for the best top keypad mobile phones under 500, 1000, 2000 in India 2017. Here is the list of 10 Best Keypad Mobile Phones:

#1 Samsung Captivate Glide:

This Samsung Captivate Glide appears to be the best smartphone to know about and looks absolutely stunning to the core. It is one of the sleek looking, Pebble mobile phones till the user also slide the phone in the upper section for the classic opening of the phone, then this just reveals the full QWERTY keyboard at the lower half of the chassis. This is also one of the members of Samsung Galaxy family too and it provides just the best 8 GB of storage and also the fast NVIDIA Tegra 2 chipset.

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#2 LG Optimus F3Q keypad mobile phone:

This is the best ever keypad mobile phone to know about and this is also the best one to consider by the mobile phone lovers. This has the dual Snapdragon core and also the 1 GB of RAM for making the LG Optimus F3Q and the strong kind of performer. This is also the high contrast blue and the black designing mobile phone to know about and looks just very appealing to the core. This phone also optimizes the complete visibility and also the kind of input for the keyboard and the slider designing feature is incredible. This helps the users switch just faster between the keyboard interface and also the touchscreen.

#3 HTC EVO mobile phone Shift 4G:

This is also the best ever keypad mobile phone to consider by the keypad mobile phone users. This is one of the entry points to 4G market too and the HTC EVO Shift 4G also includes the Android 2.2 operating system and this just works as the best ever mobile hot spot. The best Aluminium fixtures just around the body of this particular cell phone also include the stunning appearance and also the well-spaced keyboard makes the input the breeze.

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#4 Motorola Photon Q mobile phone:

This is also the PC style phone in looks and includes the 5-row keyboard on Motorola Photon Q and also just delivers the best ever and much comprehensive input experience for the keypad mobile phone lovers. This phone also has the best imaginable for just providing each kind of thing which the users need without the forcing them to switch between the best input modes. This phone also has the larger 4.3-inch ColorBoost display and the splash guard designing too and it also just projects in a good way from the light moisture and also the spills too.

#5 T Mobile Sidekick 4G phone:

This is also one of the best ever keypad mobile phone to be considered and also the powerful 1 GHz processor and also come for the Android Froyo and also the easier and also the fast accessing the apps related. This T Mobile Sidekick 4G also features the 3 MP camera quality feature also in the addition of the front-facing camera which just makes the video conference to be considered in mobile locations easier too.

#6 Kyocera Verve mobile phone:

Yet another best keypad mobile phone to consider about. This phone is the compact and the cute looking and the Kyocera Verve also actually provides the numerical input instead of the QWERTY keyboard also for keeping the form of factor smaller and also the users slip it into the pocket just with the ease too. This Kyocera phone also houses the USB port as well only, and also provides the easier transfer point for the media files for the external device or also the computer too.

#7 Motorola Droid 3 mobile phone:

This Motorola phone is also considered as the best ever keypad mobile phone. This phone provides the best user experience and also has the performance advantage to be considered and this just includes the 8MP camera and the Android Gingerbread operating system too. This is also the ultra-slender and sleep phone and looks just marvelous. This also has the full 5 row QWERTY keyboard which is being housed with top slider.

#8 LG Enact:

The LG Enact phone is also the better option for the people and also the complexities of the keypad mobile phone. The users will be able to Starter Mode interface for the much of simpler way to approach the Android operating system. This LG mobile phone also has the five-row keyboard and 4G LTE connectivity.

#9 Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II phone:

Android 4.0, a 5 MP camera and also the 4G LTE connectivity make the Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II the reliable, midrange for the option when it comes to the keypad mobile phones and the users can just take the advantage of NFC support on this particular phone and also allows the users for connecting with other devices too and also pay the transactions with their phone itself.

#10 HTC Cha Cha mobile phone:

The major benefit of HTC ChaCha is its Blackberry style tablet design and this is just substantial enough for providing the firm grip and also good features a full QWERTY keyboard and also the base too. This phone also has the 800 Mhz processor and also the 5MP camera.

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