Apple: It’s All About the Apple Mobile Brand

This best brand company came into existence from 1st of April in the year 1976, by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne to sell the Apple personal computer kits too. These Apple Kits were also the computers which single-handedly designed by and also hand-built by only Wozniak.

This was also first shown for the public at Homebrew Computer Club itself. This Apple I was also sold like the motherboard (along with the CPU, RAM, basic text based vieo chips too. This was just quite different from the personal computer. This Apple also went on the sale in July 1976 and had the market price of around $666.66 ($2806 in 2017 dollars)

This company was also incorporated on 3rd of January 1977, but without Wayne, who also sold his whole share of the particular company direct to Jobs and Wozniak for $800 itself. The multimillionaire Mike Markkula also provided the important business expertise for also funding with the years of the operations revenues and also grown exponentially too, and it also doubled in every 4 months. Between September 1977 and also in September 1980, the yearly sales increased to around $775000 to around $118 mn, and the average annual growth rate was about 533%.

The Apple II was also being invented by Wozniak and this had been introduced on the 16th of April 1977 at first West Coast Computer Faire.

The Powerful Brand in the World:

This is the best in class American multinational technology company and is also headquartered at Cupertino, California which also designs and also develops and sells the consumer electronics, computer software also, and the best online services too.

The company’s hardware products also involves the iPhone smartphone, the iPad tablet computer, Mac personal computer, best in class iPhod which are just portable media player, the Apple martwatch, the Apple TV digital media player.

The Apple’s consumer software also involvesthe macOS and the ios operating systems inclusion. The iTunes media player, the Safari browser and also the iLife and iWork creativity and the productivity suites to watch out for. The online services also includes the itunes Store and the ios App Store, Mac App Store, Apple Music too and iCloud.

This is also the world’s largest IT company as per the revenue, and the world’s largest technology company in terms of the total assets itself and also the world’s second largest mobile phone manufacturer, as per the volume, soon placed after the Samsung.

In the year 2014, in the month of November, Apple also turned out to be the first ever US company which also valued over US $ 700 billion in addition to being the whopping publicly traded corporation at world, as per the market capitalization. The company is also said to employ 115000 full-time employees as in the month of July 2015 and also has 478 retail stores in around 17 countries as on March 2016.

This company also operatesthe online Apple store and also the iTunes Store, and the latter is world’s largest music retailer to watch out for. The consumers also uses more than one billion Apple products around the globe as on March 2016. Apple’s total revenue worldwide also totaled to $233 billion for the fiscal year which ends in September 2045.

This particular revenue also accounts for around 1.25% of the total US GDP as such. This company is also known for the high level of brand loyalty snd as perthe Interbrand’s annual Best Global Brands, then it has also been as world’s quite valuable brand for about 4 years in a row, having the valuation in the year 2016 of about $178.1 billion.

This corporation also receives the important criticism that is related to labor practices by teh contractors and the environmental and also the business practices which also includes the origins of the source materials.

Apple’s Success Through The Mobile Devices:

At the keynote speech at Macworld Expo on January 9th 2007, Steve Jobs declared that Apple Computer Inc will also be thereafter known as the Apple Inc, because this company also shifted its emphasis from the computers to also the consumer electronics too. This particular event has also seen the announcement of iPhone and the Apple TV too. The very next day, the shares of Apple also hit around $97.80, and also the all-time high at that particular point too. It was in the May that the share price of Apple crossed the $100 mark too.

In one of the article being posted at Apple’s website on 6th of February 2007, Jobs also wrote that Apple will be quite willing for selling the music on the iTunes Store but without the digital rights management (DRM) and it also allows the tracks that must be played for third-party players also, and if the record label will also agree to drop the particular technology from the EMI’s catalog at the iTunes Store, and it was also effective in May 2007 only.

Other kind of record labels also followed the suit and Apple published a press release in the year 2009 January for declaring about the corresponding changes for the iTunes store only.

In this way, there have been various big achievements by this brand company and people keep their eyes glued to the different products which wre being hit in the market by Apple company, and they buy as per their needs, preferences, budget.

It was on the April 6 2017, Apple came up with the Clips app and this enables the iPad and iPhone users for making and editing videos too. This app is quite awe-inspiring and also provides a way for producing the short videos with other kind of users on Messages app, Facebook, Instagram and other kinds of social media platforms.

Apple has also introduced with the Live Titles for the Clips and also allows the users for adding some of the live and animated captions plus the titles by making used of the voice.

Closing Thoughts:

So, the above listed is the best in class achievement of Apple to be known about and this is the best brand to watch out for as per the best products it comes up with. You can also check out various kinds of phones like, some are for beginners, some are for music lovers, some are available for under $500, under $200, etc.

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