Best Smartphones for Kids (Let Them Learn With Mobile)

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Top Cellphone for Kids of All Ages!

Many times parents just can’t decide as to which are the best smartphones for their kids and they are in great dilemma. There are various kinds of phones available for the kids, as per the features and the parents are required to opt for the best one for their kids.

The phone which the kids make use of, also varies greatly and it depends on the child’s preferences and needs, plus the costing, apps, social media, the need for parental control and various other features must be seen.

Apart from this, the parents must also set the complete boundaries for the phone, and this also depends on the protection for child. There are various mobile phone manufacturing company which develops the phones as per the targeted group which will make use of the smartphone, the children and the kids.

5 Best Smartphones for the Kids 2017:

In this guide we are helping you find the right phone for your child:

Kurio smartphone


Kurio is one of the best smartphone to be considered for the kids. This phone includes the inbuilt parental control feature. Many of the mobile phone are just capable for internet accessibility and the child can also visit many unsuitable sites.

Kurio also ensures that you also control what the child make use of. It also includes the geo-mapping feature and the fencing methods which helps for tracking the location of child and also for making sure about straying in the bad territories. This brand is also one of the best to opt for kids.

Apart from this, the parents can also specify the safe and the dangerous places on the phone’s map. This phone also includes the safest web surfing feature to watch out for and this in turn helps children from making access to wrong kind of websites.

Parents will also be able to monitor the phone calls, contacts, applications and the phone calls. This phone is also generally unlocked and this also enables the parents for selecting any kind of provider which they desire to make use of.

Nokia Lumia 530:

This is also one of the best phone for the kids and it is one of the cheap Windows phones which is meant for making use by the kids as such. This phone also includes the bright orange plastic body and is also quite thrilling and captivating for the thieves.

This phone also includes the 4GB internal storage, and also the microSD slot which will also be able to support to 128 GB, and there is also the 4 inches 480 pixels display, the 5MP camera and also the 10 hours battery feature. Microsoft Windows phone also has the Microsoft Office and the OneDrive options for the child to watch out for.

This smartphone also includes the feature by which the child can download various apps and also access the same for completing their homework, and also for taking photos and also for having the collection of music too. The parents can also make use of Microsoft’s “My Family” for controlling the apps and the child can also download these particular apps.

Kisa smartphone

This is also one of the simple phone to be considered for the kids and this also enables one to call around ten pre-set telephone numbers. This phone also includes the large bright display for the kids, the vision impaired and also the elderly.

This phone is just quite light in weight and also includes the SOS button which is situated at the back. This phone can also be personalized for involving the contact information, allergies and also the other kind of important information which is for the user.

This is one of the light weight smartphone to be considered and this can also receive the calls from everyone and also the pre-set numbers can be altered as per your wish.

Microsoft Lumia 435:

The Microsoft Lumia 435 is also one of the best phone for the kids and it is also the budget smartphone to be considered for sure. It is also the sturdy smartphone which can also withstand the falls and scratches too. This phone also includes the parental control from the Kid’s corner option.

There are also the different features which are the “Rooms” app and it is quite useful for the sharing of locations, photos, calendars and also the chats in whole family. This phone also includes the 4 inches clear screen, the front facing camera and also the 2MP camera which is present at the back side of the phone. This also includes the 1GB RAM, 8GB internal storage and also the microSD card slot for supporting about the 128GB space.

This phone might not have the high specs but it also includes the stunning features toi be considered for your kids, the interface is very easy for usage, durable cases and also the customization parental controls for the smartphone.

Motorola Moto G:

The Moto G smartphone is also generally quite cheap in price and also looks quote attractive. This phone also has various kinds of features to be considered and is also the water resistant phone. The Moto G also includes the 8GB internal storage and also the microSD card slot which just supports around 32 GB space and memory.

This luxe smartphone runs on the Android lollipop and includes the front camera plus the 13 MO camera for the kids. Moto G also includes the efficacious Gorilla Glass screen and also the solid case for the phone. This is what makes the phone very durable.

Apart from this, it is also water repellant and can also withdraw the splashes. Moto G is the budget priced smartphone and also has the amazing and awe-inspiring features and qualities to be considered. There is the colourful 4.6 inches smartphone screen and looks just quite ideal for the kids who are in the teen group.

Closing Thoughts:

So the above listed are the best ever smartphones to be considered for the usage by the kids. The kids will just love to make use of this good-looking smartphones for themselves because it will thrill them to bits, by the attractive features.

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