Which Are the Best Camera Smartphones of 2024 (A Definitive Guide)

The smartphone buyers in the world check out for various things to consider before buying the best smartphone for them and there are various kinds of smartphones which are well known for different kinds of features to know about. Some of the smartphones are best for the camera, some are the best for the music quality, and so on, different kind of features to know about.

Which are the best camera smartphones of 2017

#1 Samsung Galaxy 8 smartphone:

This is one of the class apart smartphone in the best camera smartphone segment. It has the best infinity screen to know about and this is just big, HDR certified and the brilliant quality phone. The camera quality is classy and gives the sharp selfies and is the smart camera of the smartphone. This also has the Bixby and it is intelligence which does learn from you only. Also, the best feature includes the 360 and VR consideration which is the best way for the discovering of, and also the capturing of your memorable experiences which you share daily. This phone has the best infinity screen, you will just be able to catch every kind of shot in this phone, just perfectly.

This phone is the best for taking the lovely photos even in the low light and also has the front-facing camera feature to note about, this provides you with the best selfies and the quality is just awesome too. Expandable memory is what people get attracted to, in this phone. You will be able to keep many of the important files, videos and the photos with good memory space, in this phone itself. This can also be expanded to 256 GB and then insert for the local SIM card while you are traveling abroad. The Bixby feature of this phone is enthralling. It is the interface by which you can learn too.

#2 Apple iPhone 7 smartphone:

This is yet another best ever phone to consider and this looks just awe-inspiring too. The best features in this phone are the camera quality to consider, by the photography lovers. This phone also has the 4.7 inches retina HD display to consider for, by the smartphone users. The 4.7 inches retina HD display is sure to watch out for and it is with 1334 by 750 HD resolution also considered and the color is just wide. This phone also includes the 12MP wide angle camera feature with the best new 12 MP camera, having the optical image stabilization to consider for. Yet another feature is the Quad LED True Tobe to flash included with the perfect quality Live photos. A10 fusion chip is also the best to consider for. 7MP Face time HD camera also has the retina flash included in it.

LTE Advanced is around 450 Mbps and the 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac with the WiFi included feature MIMO. Also, the other features are WiFi calling, Siri is also your assistant in this particular phone, and this helps you to make calls, send the text, set the reminders, through the way you just talk. This is surely compatible with the ios 10 with the best designing and the quality-oriented features. This makes it to the most advanced mobile operating system to be considered. Touch ID panel is what you will like the most. Also, this phone is water, dust and splash resistant too, having the best 3DTouch quality with the interact Messages and the calendar email, plus the apps which are the powerful ones and works in the best responsive manner too. 4K video recording feature is also the best to consider for this phone, by you.

#3 Google Pixel smartphone:

This is yet another remarkable phone from the brand Google, the Google pixel smartphone to consider for. This phone also has the best features which will leave you amazed with wonder. There is the Google Assistant and by this, you can just ask the questions or just tell it for doing various things. For starting, you can also say just “Ok Google and you can also just touch and hold this particular home button. When you will be making use of the same, then you will know that it is quite good and also have many uses which you desire. You can also just not lose any memory part for this particular phone to know about and this is the enthralling feature of this particular phone to watch out for. It also has the unlimited storage feature is this phone which you must know about.

You will just be able to store various videos and the photos in this phone for sure. Make use of the Smart Storage in this phone and you will get the best time of your life for using this phone. You will have to set up this feature and start using the same. The camera quality is one such thing to consider in this phone and your photos will be much smarter when clicked by this phone, Google Pixel. You will also be able to catch the action shots through this phone too. When you will get to capture this moment then the Google photos look the class apart when clicked.

#4 LG V20:

Yet another incredible camera smartphone to know about. There are various features in this phone which will thrill the smartphone users to bits for sure. This phone has the clear capture life which is in the motion. The best thing to note is surely the camera quality in this phone too. You will find the steady record 2.0 analyzes which can just be framed for providing the smooth playback feature to consider for and the best part I also the video recordings. The record is the smoother part and you get the best videos through this particular phone. You will also be getting the best ever listening experience too in this phone to know about and also with the Hi Fi Quad DAC playback also.

There is also the 5.7 inches QHD display in this phone and also along with the 3200 mAh removable battery feature to consider for. Even the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 2.15 GHz Quad-core processor is the best to consider for. The 4GB RAM is also one of the features which make this phone the best buy. Having the 64 GB internal memory and with micro SD card to 2 TB. It runs on the Android Nougat 7.0.

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