Which Are the Best Smartphones Under $500

The smartphones have turned out to be a necessity in today’s date, and more than a necessity, people also love to have the best in class smartphones which are in trend. The smartphones are available in different price range and here in this post we will share some of the elegant and awe-inspiring smartphones under $500 and these looks just classy and appealing.

The smartphones trend is increasing with each passing day and people also desire to change their smartphone fast and buy the new one which hits the market for sure. By looking at the price range, is the major consideration for the smartphone lovers in the world. Some people can buy the costly and high-priced phones, and other people look forward to buy the best range of phones under $100, under $200, etc.

Here in this post, you will know about the best phones under $500 for your needs, preferences and the best in class features included in the smartphone to be seen before making the purchase of attractive smartphone as such.

5 Best Smartphones under $500:

Some people check out the phones as per the price range and they want to have the best phones under $500 itself. In this list, you will get to know the best phones to buy under $500, as per your needs, preferences and the quality you desire to have in the phone. These phones are from the best brand company and will be able to give you the best experience of operating the smartphones which are available under $500 itself.

#1 OnePlus 3:

One of the best cellphone to watch out for under $500 is the stylish OnePlus 3. This is one of the best and mind-boggling phones to be considered for the people who desire to have the best smatphone under $500. It looks quite attractive in looks. Through the looks itself, this brand have managed for nailing the flagship providing the budget phones to premium priced smartphone as such. This OnePlus 3 smartphone also shows the flagship capabilities across the board and it is also just retailing at present with the mid range of $400 price range too. The features of this phone includes the 6GB RAM, G4GB storage, camera is 16 MP. It is also the best phone to be considered by the battery feature and speed quality.

#2 Apple iPhone SE:

This is also one of the best phone to consider as per the brand itself. This 4 inches smartphone is available just for under $500. This iPhone SE is the latest horse from the giant mobile making company, Apple and this phone appears to be quite elegant in designing also. Though it has just the smaller footprint at just the 4 inches and is also quite cheaper price point, but is also for the money with respect to everything else. This iPhone SE also supports the Apple ios operating system which also includes the best in class features to be considered. This phone also has the best user interface than other kinds of Android phones and this also makes it the best phone for seniors under $500. It is the most lovely phone which has ever come up by the Apple giant company.


#3 Huawei Honor 8:

This is also one of the best looking phone which also has the best camera quality for the photogenic people. The best phone to be considered for the person who wants the best under $500. This phone Huawei Honor 8 was released in September 2016 and is placed in the 3rd position at our best cellphone under $500 list of the classy phones. The reviews of this phone are just marvellous and it looks quite amazing phone too. It is one of the best mid range phone. The camera feature is also one of the best quality of this phone to watch out for. This Honor 8 is the best phone but the pricing has gone up from the Honor 7. The other best features include dual camera, fast fingerprint scanner and much more.

#4 Huawei Nexus 6P:

The best Android phone under $500. The Google Nexus branded phone Huawei 6P is the 4th best in class phone to purchase under $500. A classy Nexus handset, this 6P also has the stock Android experience and is also the classy unlocked mid range phone for the smartphone lovers. The only feature not included is the missing expandable storage. It is the best blend of powerhouse hardware, amazing camera, the fingerprint scanner.

#5 Xiaomi Mi5:

Yet another phone which is available under $500 is Xiaomi Mi5. This is the flagship which also offers from the Chinese manufacturer and this is placed at the 5th place in the list of best phones under $500. This phone does everything quite perfect but includes 2 major quirks: it is hard to get in US and you need to scour eBay for the best buy deal for this phone. Second is that, it supports a modified version for the Android  and this might take some time for getting used to with this device. If a person can overcome with these 2 shortcomings, then this Mi 5 phone matches well with best premium smartphones. The icing on the cake is that this phone is quite affordable in pricing. It is also quite comfortable for customising the setup and is also the quality value and the gorgeous designing Xiaomi Mi 5 phone.

Closing Thoughts:

Well, different group of people have interest in different categories of the smartphones. There are different kinds of classy business mobiles for the businessmen, for the game lovers, there are attractive and stylish handsets which are basically to provide best game features for the people to unleash their gaming experience. If you are first time mobile phone user, then there are various kinds of smartphones available for the beginners. For the music lovers, there are different kinds of phones to provide best music experience as such.

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