Top 7 Smartphones for Business Use to Simplify Your Professional Life

Gone are the days, when it was quite tough to buy the best smartphones for the businesses because only the BlackBerry and a BlackBerry had been the option for the businessmen out there. But, looking at the current trend, there are different kinds of smartphones available for the smartphone users to choose from, if they are looking forward to buy the smartphone for the purpose of business, to be specific.

There are different kinds of smartphones in the market, from which the business people can choose as per their preferences, budget, colour choices, etc. The touchscreen smartphones are growing in trend these days, for almost all the people.

In today’s date, people have class apart options in front of them, if they have to choose the best in class and high-performance smartphones for themselves, especially for the business purpose.

If speaking through technology point of view, then it can be said that, all the smartphones are for business. But then, few of the smartphones provides the top-rated business oriented features for the users.

7 Thrilling Business-Based Smartphones to Watch Out For:

Here is the smashing list of 7 classy smartphones for the people who are looking forward to buy the smartphones for the purpose of business:

#1 Business phone Galaxy S7 Edge:

Samsung is the best brand of the smartphone segment. If talking about the Samsung Galaxy S7, then this is one of the best business phone to be purchased by the business people out there. The best features provided in this smartphone includes the 5.5 inch display and also the designing part: glass and metal design.

But there are various features which makes this phone as a perfect business phone: and these are the split-screen multitasking and this also lets you view the 2 apps at a time. Even the enhanced fingerprint scanner offers good security boost for your daily usage. There is also the Samsung Knox Security suite and this separates the work and personal apps for maintaining the privacy of business related data. Edge display shortcuts feature also helps you to make quick access for the frequently used apps and the contacts.

#2 Classy iPhone 7 Plus phone:

The iPhone 7 Plus is also the best phone for the business. It has the 5.5 inches display screen. It provides the features like fast performance, the battery life is for more than 10 hours. Apple’s Touch ID panel is just amazing in this phone. This phone runs on the ios 10 and this also involves the improved version of the virtual assistant app Siri. In this way, this is also the best business phone to be considered and also adds new ways for linking your iPhone to the MacBook Computer too. The icing on the cake is that, for every purchase, Apple will donate for the Global Fund that also hopes to bring the first AIDS-free generation.

#3 Google Pixel XL is the best Android Business handset:

If you want the best business phone, then Google Pixel XL is also one of the option. This is the stylish and sleek smartphone which also provides the best performance and around more than 11 hours battery life. This phone has the 5.5 inches display which also gives you the tonnes of rooms to work in.

This Pixel XL phone also receives the software updates quick faster than other kinds of Android smartphones. This will provide you the access for handy features like the new Google Assistant App, and this will also help you schedule the reminders, booking appointments and the meetings, to perform the quick web searches, etc.

#4 Moto Z Play Droid is the best ever battery life business phone:

Moto Z Play Droid is also one of the best business phone to watch out for. At the battery test of this smartphone, this phone ran for the 13 hours and 46 minutes after the single time charge done. It is for this reason also that this phone makes it to the best ever business phone to buy. It is the perfect phone to choose for the road warriors who also want the business phone which lasts through the long business flight.

This phone includes the 5.5 inches display, extra security, fingerprint reader, plus a unique expansion port at the back side too and this will let you add the special add-ons called as the “modules”. This phone also includes the projector and this is the reason that you can also beam the presentations in the wall.

#5 Huawei Honor 5X is the best budget business phone:

This is the low-cost business handset to be considered. It also has the 5.5 inches display, long battery life and provides the good performance than other kinds of smartphones in this pricing range. The fingerprint scanner also provides the best security boost for this smartphone. The best part here is also that Honor 5X has the metal designing which also makes this the most attractive and budget priced business phone.

#6 BlackBerry Z30 is also the business smartphone:

The Z30 also turns out to be the best in class business smartphone to be considered for the business phone users. This phone runs on the BB OS 10.2 and this can also be upgraded to 10.3.

The BlackBerry Hub takes good care for all your messaging features and requirements. This phone has the 5.5 inches display HD AMOLED touch screen. It is also powered by the Qualcomm’s dual-core Snapdragon chip with the 2GB RAM. The internal storage of this phone is 16 GB. You can also expand it to 64 GB through the micro SD card slot.

#7 Apple iPhone 6 (64 GB):

This is also the best ever business smartphone to be considered for the business users. It has the metal-clad body. It is light weight phone and just weighs 129 grams only. The 4,7 inch display is just awesome to the core and provides good fit. Apple A 8 chip-set is meant for providing the best in class performance of the phone.

Microsoft and Google, both services are there on this Apple’s platform phone. Touch panel is superb. And the iPhone are meant for the long battery life.

The Final Words:

So, the above listed are the best ever smartphones for the business people to buy. These classy phones will give you the best business experience when you start using the same. The best features of these phones makes these the best buy business smartphones for the users who are looking forward to have the best business experience.

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