Which Are The Best Smartphones For The People Who Love Listening Music

If you are a true music lover and love to listed music in a smartphone then this information is for you.

In this post we have collected best smartphones specially for music lovers.

Why Mobile for Music Enthusiast?

This is the digital tech-savvy world and there are different people who like to purchase the smartphones as per their choices, preferences and the budget.

There are some people who love using the best smartphone for the business purpose, some makes use of the smartphone for gaming and some people make use of the smartphones for listening the soulful music and get engrossed in it completely.

6 Best Smartphones for the Music Lovers in 2017:

Here is the list of 6 thrilling and trendy smartphones to be purchased by the music lovers around the globe and these will help you to take your music listening experience to the next level.

The smartphones included in this list, includes the class apart audio quality and also includes the Oomph factor that will certainly make you groove on the music by your favourite rock band.

HTC 10 smartphone


This phone includes the best Boom Sound feature and the best speaker configuration too, and due to this, the full-range of speaker is also being placed at the top (near the earpiece) plus the other one at bottom. This particular configuration feature also makes this the best woofer system.

You will have the feeling of having the best in class speakers pointed towards you and sub-woofers are being placed under the desk as such. This also involves the Bass-To-Treble balancing software for giving you best sound experience.

This phone also includes best sounds for your convenience itself, theatre mode and music mode. In the former one, you will get the feeling of full range audio at the front speakers and also the bass sounds at the bottom too. At the other hand, speakers also flash audio straight for you in music mode.

HTC 10 is also best known for the headphone feature, and this gives the 1.0 volt audio output and this appears to be very high for your smartphone. Even the pre set equalizer of this phone makes certain that musical notes are perfectly audible.

The front facing speaker designing of this phone is also meant for quality-oriented hearing. Even the dual speakers are meant for the best stereo experience which you will get from a headphone and this makes it pretty cool when you opt for watching videos or play the games.

LG V20 smartphone


This stunning handset includes the latest ES9218 DAC, and this features the parallel kind of DAC configuration for the enhancement of noise quality. This current chip also revives the maximum of 130SNR, 124 Db DNR, and 112 db THD+N and this implies that you will get to hear the most lovely sound of this quality-oriented android smartphone.

This smartphone also packs a dedicated headphone amp along with the high 2rms output and this helps in calss apart performance for the active noise cancellation also. Well, the audio putput performance of both the LG V10 and LG V20 are quite similar but you just need to pay yhe extra bucks for upgraded version of new V20.

Apple iPhone 7

This phone also has the best audio quality and Apple also continues this with the Cirrus logic for Audio circuits. There is a single 338S00105 audio codec and this is likely for handling AD/DA conversation in simple way and with better quality and these 2 also operates in different amplifiers for the speakers located external.

This Apple iPhone 7 has 2 times much audio volume if compared with the iPhone 6s. This smartphone is created with the best stereo sound quality.

The stereo speakers are located at the bottom and also at the top also for ensuring quality apart volume and clear sound too. You can also make use of the earpods along with the feature of lightning connector or the new Airpods with the lavish iPhone 7 for best sound quality.

Apple iPhone 5s


This is also the best phone for music lovers. The current price decrease being Rs 21000 ($320), the iPhone 5s is just marvelous and small in size phone which you will love to make use of. Apple also makes use of the dedicated chipsets like wolfson, cirrus on their majority of the products for creating best music experience.

The earphones of the Apple are just class apart and provides better music experience with great designing too and build quality. You can get to listen amazing music for hours and the output is awe-inspiring. This iPhone 5s also provides 3D sound effect through the headphones and this also produces good music experience, but this is not same as for the loudspeaker because audio quality of loudspeaker is simply in average but quite good than last iPhone.

Microsoft Lumia 525

This is yet another best smartphone which aims at giving you teh best music experience and it is also a budget smartphone to be considered. It is the perfect phone for giving you best music experience. It is the hottest selling smartphone in the category of budget smartphones and it also comes with the quality-oriented sound providing experience.

You will just getthe best experience of listening your favourite track on the Lumia 525, by making use of the headphones too. Ypou can get the best music from the music player itself. The loudspeaker provides the best loud and clear audio quality in just the small budget.

Vivo Xplay 3s smartphone


This particular smartphone is made for the people who loves to listen music because this phone provides quality oriented sound and audio experience. Vivo has also included a pair of dedicated audio chips in this smartphone: Xplay 3s along with the ESS technology’s ES9018 DAC and also the Texas Instruments OPA2604 amplifier included in the same.

This goes best with the built-in DTS Headphone feature which also brings the 7.1 or the 11.1 surround sounds effect for your stereo headphones. This mobile brand Vivo is best smartphone maker and Vivo Xplay 3S includes the 2K display along with Snapdragon 800, 3GB RAM and 2300 mAh battery.

Closing Thoughts

If you are also crazy for listening songs at full volume and looking forward to buy such kind of smartphone, then you are headed towards the right place. The above listed are the best in class music experience providing phones for the music lovers in the world and you can purchase as per your budget and choice.

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