Top Waterproof Smartphones to Watch Out for

So, are looking forward ot have the water resistant smartphone? If yes, then you are headed towards the right place. Here in this post, you will know about the best ever smartphones which are waterproof to a lot of extent and these also looks awe-inspiring. These water-proof phones will be of great help when you are headed towards the best beach side with your friends and you will be able to capture the wonderful memories which just looks class apart to the core. The water proof smartphones will not cause any trouble for you to enjoy the wet and wild adventures in life.

7 Best waterproof smartphones which will thrill you to bits

Many times you go to enjoy with friends and your phone gets wet. Then in this scenario, hacing the water-resistant smartphone turns out to be major need, so that you will be able to enjoydeeply to the core at every party, even when your phone gets wet too. When you are headed towards the place which is surrounded with water, then you will also be able to know that, the water-prrof smartphones also have the best camera feature through which you will be able to click the best photo and the selfie.

Here is the list of best ever smartphones which are just waterproof to the core and looks awe-inspiring for the smartphone lovers:

  1. LG G6:
    LG G6 is one of the best in class smatphone to be considered by the smartphone lovers around the globe. This will be the first ever LG flagship ever since the G2 to ship without the user-replaceable battery feature in the phone. There is also the advantage for this feature going the bye-bye. This also enables the LG for making its new flagship phone as water resistant to the core. You will also be able to know that LG takes the complete shower even without any kind of hiccup becuause the phone also lasts for about 30 minutes and also upto 5 feet in the water itself. It is also the amazing feature and the 5.7 inches display has the support for HDR content too and it worth protecting too.
  2. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge:
    This phone is also rated at the IP68 for the dust and water protection also. The Galaxy S7 Edge will also be able to get submerged in the water for just 30 minutes itself. This phone also has the dual-pixel camera also latches in the cubjects for your frameadn this also focusses on very quickly than the iPhone 6S. You will also be able to add the best ever performance and the long-lasting battery for the stunning design. This is the best water-proof to be considered.
  3. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus:
    These phones are also the best in class Apple brand smartphones which are highly water-resistant for your needs and preferences. These phones are also easy for the standing of accidental water splashes. These iPhone 7 and 7 plus looks quite attractive to the core to be considered. You will also be able to withstand these amazing smartphones and you will know about these smartphones as the best water-resistant smartphones to be considered. These phones also don’t match with the Samsung offers which are Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. If durability is concerned, then also these phones are the class apart.
  4. Galaxy S7 Active:
    Samsung also required a little bit of time for fine-tuning the best ever durable smartphone. Some of the best in class models looks just mind-boggling and they also do not live at the Samsung’s claims for being able to be there for around 30 minutes in just about 5 feet of the water. Samsung also fixed the problem in the complete manufacturing process plus now the Galaxy S7 Active which is just the waterproof as being advertised. This will also be able to take the tumble.
  5. Alcatel GoPlay:
    If you do not desire to splurge at the top of line waterproof handset then you can lasoconsider the Alcatel GoPlay. You will also be able to take the underwater selfie through this smartphone with the $100 smartphone device and this also lets youfor using the volume buttons like the camera triggers underwater. This lavish phone also withstood the 5 foot drops at the hardwood floor also. This phone also includes the better-than average battery life, the relative lack of bloatware and also the sturdy kind of design. The GoPlay turns out to be the best option to try for.
  6. Sony Xperia Z5 Compact:
    This is one such amazing water-proof smartphone which fits in best way in the pocket. This Sony Xpria Z 5 Compact smartphone will be just in your budget to be considered. It also includes the 4.6 inches display which is also very bright and colourful to be opted for. Yet another feature includes IP65/68 rated smartphone and it also depends on the different version which also emerged as the unscathed just from the 25 minutes dip in the 5 gallon water tank. This phone also appearsto be just attractive to the core and appears to be quite classy and attractive for sure.
  7. HP Elite X3 phone:
    This windows phone also looks just quite attractive and you will also be able to get the best experience of using this smartphone. The best in class water-proof smartphone for the people who desire to enjoy the wet adventures in their life. This phone has the capacity to be there in water for about 30 minutes in just the little less than 3 feet of water. The best phone to be considered for sure.

The Final Words:

So, the above listed are the best ever thrilling and enthralling smartphones which are water-resistant to the core and these also looks just awe-inspiring to the core. You will be able to get the best experience by using these water-resistant smartphones. Get the best deals in these smartphones by online and as well as the offline methods. You will surely get the incredible features in these water-proof smartphones plus you will be able to get thrilled.

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