Oppo F1s Midrange Smartphone Review

Many people who look forward to buy the smartphone, does check out the reviews of smartphone before buying as such. There are different kinds of smartphones available in the market to purchase but people desire to have the best in class and the most stylish and attractive smartphone for their usage.

Oppo F1s Review

People keep their eyes glued on the brand of smartphones which manufactures the high-priced smartphones and also the budget-friendly smartphones also. And there is quite little knowledge available on the affordable smartphones in that particular brand of smartphones. Well, here in this blog you will know about the best midrange smartphone of Oppo F1.

Oppo F1s Review

The luxe and stylish Oppo F1 is the best in class smartphone which is just the mid-range one and has also received the class apart Oppo flagship and even the R9s. Even the best thing is that the F1s is also the blurring kind of line in between the high-end smartphone and the mid-range phones to consider about.

As there are various kinds of Chinese smartphones makers in this world just like the Oppo brand has also extended in the whole global markets everywhere. They also have the best in quality reasonable smartphones to watch out for.

They have the best in class and the reasonable smartphones and you will surely love the same to use because they provide the best to look features in them and also in the less price itself. This thing goes best for the Oppo’s F1s which will be selling for around $449 too. Just like there are the mid-range smartphones, The F1S also appears to be like the crafted thing for the smartphone lovers around the globe too.

Appearance and feel of this smartphone:

If designing part is concerned, then the Oppo F1S also share the best ever designing quality and feature to know about. There is a single home button in this particular phone which you would like to know. There is also the fingerprint scanner which looks the best too and people adorn it.

There is also the rear sport which includes the chamfered edges which are just comfortable to note and also have the extended calls. This is just being helped by the glass front in the smartphone and zalso has the curved edges. You will alos find the midrange phones which has got the chunky size but this particular F1s is 3mm thick to consider about. It also includes the bundled screen in it and it just pre-applies for the F1s Gorilla Glass 4 screen.

If the camera quality is concerned then this is also the lovely phone to look for. This also does come in the way of raised lip for protecting the camera in the phone and also the F1s is just lying at the back too. Even the effect is just the clean, uncluttered and the classy design to see which looks quite good also.

If Usage is concerned:

While this particular phone had been tested, then the F1s is the best to know about. There is also the fingerprint scaner located here and this works quite faster. Oppo also says that it will be able to scan the phone in very few seconds. You will just be using the single tap only and the home button will be just enough for the scanning of the dabs and gets unlocked.

This phone has the midrange size to be considered and there is also the low kind of resolution in this, with the IPS LCD. It is laos just vivid and bringht to be considered and the display resolution is quite better which is 720×1280 pixels. The 1080×1280 resolution is also the best to consider about, in this particular phone. The photo quality of this phone is another thing to note about.

This Oppo F1 makes use of the MediaTek MT6750 octa-core CPU too. This also has the 8 Cortex A53 cores to consider about and this is just clocked in the 1.5 Ghz. There is just about key specification for this phone and this also indicates that F1 is the midrange phone having the 3GB RAM inbuilt in it.

The Storage capacity of this phone is also the best, and it is 32GB. In connectivity options also, this phone is just the best one and there is the wifi, dual band 802.11 b/g/n, the Bluetooth 4.0 GPS and the FM radio, NFC and it is also missing the actions. This particular Oppo F1 also has the version of Android which is quite branded to consider as the operating system. It just feels like the Apple’s iOS.

This also runs on the Android Lollipop version. Even the Colour OS is the best initiative to consider for and the best feature is also that the ability for back up text messages and the contacts through the O-cloud App also. There is also the secure folder and this will encrypt the content included. The battery feature is that the 3075 mAh battery included in the phone.

There is also the efficient design which you will know about too. This is also quite lighter inweight and the usage too with the best battery life which runs long day. In the case of daylight conditions, this particular Oppo F1s rear camera is the best to consider about, and this just captures the best shots in photos. The shutter button for the photos is also the best one to register for.

This F1s is also the best phone with the camera quality and its is 16MPfront camera and the optional beauty mode included in itself. There are various outher smashing features to opt for and the major part is that this Oppo F1 is he most affordable priced phone. This phone has the dual sim capability also. The second sim is the microSD card slot need. This enables you to roam with the local prepaid SIM for thedata part and this just keeps your home SIM for the purpose of incoming text messages also the calls.

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