What to expect from iPhone SE 2 if it gets launched in early 2022

Recently on September 10, 2022 Apple took the world by storm by introducing its 3 new phones i.e. iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. One of the best phones with the best cameras that apple has ever produced will now. Though they were the last one two have the dual and three cameras but it was totally worth waiting for. We all know how good Apple products are and recently the rumors got spread about iPhone SE 2 or some are calling iPhone 9 will be expected to get launched by early 2022.

Isn’t this amazing !!!

Well few are believing this rumors are few are not. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.

The iPhone SE 2 is one of tech’s ‘will it, won’t it’ stories, as rumors have alternated between saying it definitely does, then definitely doesn’t, exist, and currently the meter points to it possibly being alive, but probably not landing until 2022. Following the iPhone 11’s launch event, that 2022 date seems more likely than ever.

The iPhone SE 2 as rumors have spread will be the successor of iPhone SE with lot of upgrades, budget-friendly and with good chipset and RAM.

Apple didn’t confirmed this as of now because they have just launched the other iPhones and studying the market, iPhone XR shipped nearly 30 million units in the first half of 2022. You can see Global Top 10 smartphones models during the first half of 2022 stats below:

So it really can be a rumor about the new iPhone SE could be launched with iPhone 8 like design, one rear camera and 4.7 inch LCD screen.

According to multiple sources here are some specs that you should expect from iPhone SE 2 if it gets launched in early 2022.

iPhone SE 2 Specs, hardware, release date and price

iPhone SE 2 Specs

As for the components inside the new iPhone SE 2, here’s what the rumours are indicating:


With an A13 processor, the new SE will offer 3GB RAM (the SE offered 2GB RAM).This is the same processor which is used in the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. With iOS 13, the new iPhone SE 2 will use the A10 Fusion chip.


We can expect iPhone SE to have 4.7 inch screen but notch display will bot be there.


A 12Mp camera with upgraded aperture(currently iphone SE has f/2.2 aperture) and with no bump on back. Hopefully to be expected as flat.


It is expected to have 1,700mAh battery

Face ID

Currently all the new iPhone launched are having Face ID making it more secure and if this got introduced in iPhone SE 2, it will be a bit hit.

Wireless charging

With the new iphones being launched, things were going wireless. From headphones to charging your phone, so we can expect the same thing in the new iPhone SE 2 with glass back panel to add on.

Release Date

According the rumors we can expect iPhone SE 2 to be launched in the mid January or by march 2022

Well iPhone SE was a budget friendly phone when it was launched and same thing we can expect from iPhone SE 2 also where it would cost about $399.

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